Monday, May 19, 2014


   So after getting temporarily stationed down south for work for 6 weeks and then a 2 week vacation I was going to try internet dating again.

SO... get a few responses to messages(I am VERY selective about my criteria, no kids, employed, college or higher, within 3 years age wise, shared interests, keeps in shape).

I get a nibble from a college educated gal, pretty, we swap emails for a week, then off to a night out, goes well, I walk her home(she lives walking distance from down town). She leans in for good night kiss, all is good, obviously a second date is in line. Now prior to the date she has told me she is going on vacation for 2 weeks and that she will be back XYZ date.

Second date, we agree to meet up at a local pizza place and grab a slice before whatever. She is outside as I pull up and we walk in. I pull out her chair and catch a whiff of weed. She isn't just a little stoned either she reeks of it, and the conversation goes like this.

"Did you have any great adventures on your vacation?"

"...... like what?"
"we saw buildings that were old"(seriously I'm not familiar with the effects of weed first hand but I have observed second hand and well this appears to be a classic).

"So, did you get to visit your friends from highschool that were living there?"

*pizza delivered*

Conversation is over because I obviously misjudged the gal, and well I decided that the pizza is better anyway.

Pro tip, don't show up to dates stoned ladies...

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